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  • Guest Capacity
  • Cruise Speed
    870 KM/H
  • Cabin Crew
  • Luggage Space
  • Enclosed Lavatory
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Swift and Efficient Travel: BOMBARDIER LEARJET 36 Private Jet Charter

Embrace seamless travel experiences with the BOMBARDIER LEARJET 36 private jet charter, designed for up to six passengers. Renowned for its exceptional range and impressive handling, this jet ensures swift journeys with high cruise speeds.

Optimal Configuration for Efficiency

The LEARJET 36 presents an optimal configuration, combining good handling characteristics and high cruise speeds. Its robust design offers the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency, promising a remarkable travel experience.

Enhanced Range and Performance

The LEARJET 36 variant, while maintaining similarity to the Learjet 35, comes with an extended fuselage fuel tank, granting an additional 500 miles of range. Although the cabin length is slightly reduced, the aircraft excels in extended travel capabilities.

Tailored for Your Needs

Tailored to accommodate up to six passengers, this private jet is perfect for executive travel or smaller groups seeking swift and efficient journeys. Its adaptable nature allows for personalized configurations, ensuring a comfortable and convenient flight.

Elevate Your Journey

While maintaining its identity as a swift and efficient jet, the BOMBARDIER LEARJET 36 is designed to elevate every journey, offering a blend of performance, comfort, and adaptability for discerning travellers. Elevate your travel experience today! Book our BOMBARDIER LEARJET 36 private jet charter and experience swift, efficient, and tailored travel.


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